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WAJK's Nearly Impossible Trivia
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PostDate: 10/3/2014

Q.   What percentage of babies actually arrive on their due date?

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PostDate: 10/2/2014

Q.   The most common lie told to airlines to try and get an upgrade to first class is this. What?

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PostDate: 10/1/2014

Q.   When it comes to other drivers on the road, the top 2 things that tick you off are talking on a cell phone and tailgating. What's #3?

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PostDate: 9/29/2014

Q.   1 out of 5 women said they've been so disappointed in this that they didn't give a tip. What?

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PostDate: 9/26/2014

Q.   According to a new poll, 3 out of 5 American Adults say there's too much of this on TV. What?

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PostDate: 9/25/2014

Q.   Having one of these will cost you about $2,000 a year. What?

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PostDate: 9/24/2014

Q.   According to a new study, 1 out of 5 women don't know that this has an expiration date. What?

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PostDate: 9/23/2014

Q.   According to a new study the #1 thing that puts women in a bad mood is this. What?

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PostDate: 9/22/2014

Q.   1 quarter of all the bones in your body are located here. Where?

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PostDate: 9/19/2014

Q.   This is the #1 reason you fought with your siblings while growing up. What?

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