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WAJK's Nearly Impossible Trivia
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PostDate: 9/15/2014

Q.   Only a quarter () prescriptions written for this condition are actually filled. What?

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PostDate: 9/12/2014

Q.   The Average person does this 14 times a day. What?

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PostDate: 9/11/2014

Q.   At least 15% of these are fake. What?

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PostDate: 9/10/2014

Q.   This happens to fans of Major league Baseball over 1,700 times a season, What?

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PostDate: 9/9/2014

Q.   According to a new study, almost 2/3rds of women between the ages of 22-35 have admitted to doing this. What?

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PostDate: 9/8/2014

Q.   According to a new study, 1 out of 4 women have admitted to doing this to their significant other, while just 1 out of 5 men. What?

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PostDate: 9/5/2014

Q.   Currently Amercians are about $1 Trillion in this kind of debt. What?

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PostDate: 9/4/2014

Q.   It's been over 5 years since 1 out of 5 American Adults have visited this type of public building. What?

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PostDate: 9/3/2014

Q.   According to a new study, people who have this job are more likely to cause a car accident than others. What job?

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PostDate: 9/2/2014

Q.   According to a new study, having one of these in the office can improve work productivity by 15%. What?

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