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WAJK's Nearly Impossible Trivia
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PostDate: 4/3/2014

Q.   The Average Rap album features over 200 of these. What?

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PostDate: 4/2/2014

Q.   The Average woman will do this about 3 times a week, and each time you do it takes 16 minutes. What?

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PostDate: 4/1/2014

Q.   On Average, it'll cost you $304 to do this at a Major League Baseball game. What?

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PostDate: 3/31/2014

Q.   According to a new study, Americans are most afraid of this? What? (what is our biggest phobia)

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PostDate: 3/28/2014

Q.   More than one out of four women say wearing this makes them feel more confident. What?

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PostDate: 3/27/2014

Q.   Nearly 7 out of 10 men do this when watching sports. What?

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PostDate: 3/26/2014

Q.   1 out of every 30 babies born in the US have this in common. What?

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PostDate: 3/25/2014

Q.   According to a new study sales of this appliance have been falling now for over a decade. What?

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PostDate: 3/24/2014

Q.   According to a new study, high school kids who spend too much time doing this are at an increased risk of getting sick. What?

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PostDate: 3/20/2014

Q.   According to a new study, less than 1 out of 5 Americans feel confident they'll be able to do this. What?

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