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WAJK's Nearly Impossible Trivia
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PostDate: 6/19/2015

Q.   3 out of 4 women DON'T want men to wear these. What?

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PostDate: 6/18/2015

Q.   1 out of 4 people say they would rather watch their favorite TV show than do this. What???

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PostDate: 6/17/2015

Q.   What is the number one snack food for road trippers in the US?

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PostDate: 6/16/2015

Q.   2 out of 3 people think THIS should be the national food. What?

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PostDate: 6/15/2015

Q.   9 out of 10 households have this in them. What?

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PostDate: 6/12/2015

Q.   The Average Woman will only do this 7 times. What?

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PostDate: 6/11/2015

Q.   When it comes to Technology, only 1 out of 5 men admit to using these. Women use them a lot more. What?

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PostDate: 6/10/2015

Q.   Last year 173 of these were built around the world, more than any year on record. What?

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PostDate: 6/8/2015

Q.   According to a new article, this is the worst decision you can make when going on vacation. What?

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PostDate: 6/5/2015

Q.   Mom Help! If you have little kids, you're used to hearing it, but even Mom's with adult kids hear it! This is the #1 thing around the house adult kids ask their Mom for help with. What?

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