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WAJK's Nearly Impossible Trivia
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PostDate: 3/27/2015

Q.   This is the most popular nickname to give to your baby while still in the womb. What?

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PostDate: 3/26/2015

Q.   In a female dominated profession, men with this job make over $5,000 a year more than women! What job?

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PostDate: 3/25/2015

Q.   The average pay for this job is now over $13 an hour. What are we talking about?

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PostDate: 3/24/2015

Q.   Know anyone who suffers from Misophonia? According to a new survey, there is no sound more annoying than this. What?

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PostDate: 3/23/2015

Q.   The most you can pay for one of these is $999.99. What?

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PostDate: 3/20/2015

Q.   About 1 in 50 kids born this year will live their life without one of these. What is it?

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PostDate: 3/19/2015

Q.   For the 1st time in almost 3 decades, this accounted for 10% of all music sales. What?

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PostDate: 3/18/2015

Q.   1 out of 4 men say they have a crush on this person. Who?

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PostDate: 3/17/2015

Q.   According to a new study, over 40% of American's don't know how to spell Budweiser! (They usually forget the 1st 'e') Only 1 alcoholic beverage is misspelled more. What?

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PostDate: 3/16/2015

Q.   According to a new study, if this TV show's You Tube channel ran ads before their videos, they'd make an additional 8 million dollars! What show?

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